Metropolitan Police continue to harass photographers

Apparently the Metropolitan Police have got some good intelligence that Al Qaeda are in London and HUNGRY FOR OUR BRITISH SNACKS. I can’t see why else a Police officer would stop a photographer taking this picture of JUST CAKES, demand to see the photographs, and try to take down the photographer’s name, address, phone number, workplace, and birthplace. When the photographer refused, he was threatened with arrest while the officer held him for “a full hour check.”

Had this happened a year ago I would have been really fucking angry, but ultimately just rolled my eyes and put it down to the sort of arbitrary Orwellian bullshit that you could expect under a Labour Government.

But we were promised that this would stop.

Last year the Conservative Shadow Home Secretary said “Gordon Brown and Labour have trampled our civil liberties for far too long. Whether they’re trying to impose ID cards, or allowing hundreds of thousands of innocent people to be stopped and searched under Terrorism powers, they always seem to think the state knows best. We can’t go on like this. Conservatives will end the abuse of stop-and-search as part of a full review of all Labour’s counter-terrorism laws.”

One Chris Huhne said: “When trainspotters, photographers and Japanese tourists are all up in arms, it should be clear even to Labour this law needs to be tightened up. Random and indiscriminate use of stop and search is an infringement of liberty and alienates the communities we rely on most for the intelligence and witnesses to fight terrorism.”

Either the Metropolitan Police haven’t read the memo yet, or they actually do think that terrorists are preparing to strike – presumably as soon they’ve finished their afternoon tea.

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