Islington Council meeting ends with left-on-lefter débâcle

As a connoisseur of Islington Council meetings, I was very sad to miss this month’s council budget meeting. Islington’s new Labour administration ended up directing the police to eject 60 people and finished the Council Meeting, which made £52 million of cuts, in secret.

I have no time for the cuts protesters. They are deficit deniers that even make Ed Balls look sane and responsible. They want Labour councils to pass illegal budgets and help foment popular protests, to topple the democratically-elected Government “by making the country ungovernable”.

Still, there’s nothing more satisfying than watching two villains duke it out. In this case, it’s particularly ironic because Labour council leader Catherine West, a shrill harpy of a woman, spent her time in opposition trying her hardest to hijack and disrupt meetings, either by shipping in stooges to heckle and shout, or by giving endless filibustering speeches. Looks like Labour can dish it out, but they can’t take it.

Islington’s Labour council also deserves the protests, because a good portion of the cuts are entirely of their own making: they are wasting millions of pounds on their ‘meals for millionaires‘ scheme– universal free school meals, even for the children of bankers in the borough. Literally even for Boris Johnson’s children.

The Lib Dems opposed this when Labour brought it in; but now the budget is being squeezed, it’s unconscionable that millions of pounds are spent on giving free lunches to bankers’ children, while services are cut. ‘Free School Meals’ was the pet project of an influential Labour councillor, who was also a professional lobbyist for a fake charity which campaigns for universal free school meals across the country.

Labour have also refused to cut back on the communications budget and council propaganda magazine.

It’s also a fact that Islington is in a relatively good position because the Liberal Democrats, who ran the council until last May (though latterly as a minority administration), having inherited a Labour-run council with more debt than a lot of third-world nations, brought in far-reaching efficiency savings. Would it surprise you to learn that Labour opposed almost all of these savings at the time? Rationalising office buildings and disposing of unnecessary offices was called ‘asset-stripping’ and ‘selling off the family silver’. Moving back-office functions to Manchester, where it’s cheaper, was opposed by a Labour campaign to keep the staff on “Upper Street not Coronation Street”.

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  1. This ridiculous post is yet another example of Lib Dem’s being in complete denial.

    Next you’ll be telling me that the reason that Lib Dem’s lost the council and failed to gain IS&F was due to the ‘higher turnout’.

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