Government ends war on the motorist

Tory Transport Secretary Philip Hammond has announced the end of the war with the motorist. In 2008 alone the war with the motorist claimed 2,538 lives in the UK. At least 230,905 people were injured, over 26,000 of them seriously. The peace treaty looks more like a humiliating capitulation, and the ongoing violence by motorists against the civilian population of the UK is likely to only intensify.

The Coalition Agreement included pledges to both “stop central government funding for new fixed speed cameras” and to “support sustainable travel initiatives, including the promotion of cycling and walking”. I’m not sure are compatible, given that the main bar to the promotion of cycling and walking is the lawlessness of the roads.

Ministers are trying to justify this on the basis of putting the public finances back in order. But increasing the number of speed cameras would ostensibly increase revenues, while saving lives by making sure drivers respect the rules of the road. The fact that they raise money from lawbreakers makes them, at the very least, an incredibly cost-effective way to enforce the law. The PR wing of the motorist insurgency claims that they generate £100million in fines each year- enough to cover not only their operating costs, but a slew of further road safety improvements or defecit downpayments.

Even as a good coalition man I think it’s still okay to recognise that Tories are gross, especially the ones who resent being obliged to obey the law while careering about in their tonne-heavy metal killing machines. Just avoid Oxfordshire for the moment, as if you weren’t already.

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